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 June 24, 2024

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Accommodation in Troodos

Troodos under snow

Troodos street

Heavy snow in Troodos

Troodos villages

Lodging in the Vicinity of Troodos

There are two hotels in the Troodos Square area, both of which are about 2Km away from the ski resort. In addition, there are many more hotels in the surrounding villages. Most of these hotels are concentrated in the village of Platres, on the road from Limassol to Troodos, or in the village of Kakopetria, on the road from Nicosia to Troodos. Both villages are about 20 minutes away from the ski resort in good driving conditions.

The table below lists the hotels present at these locations, as well as a traditional Guest House (Linos Inn at Kakopetria). The prices quoted are the maximum during the high season. Winter is considered low season, so expect prices up to 20% lower, or more during the skiing season.


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Lodge Name Rating Phone

Troodos Square 1707m

Jubilee Hotel * * 25-420107

Platres Village 1128m

Forest Park * * * * 25-421751
New Helvetia * * * 25-421348
Pendeli * * * 25-421736
Edelweiss * * 25-421335
Petit Palais * * 25-422723
    Kallithea * 25-421746
Minerva * 25-421731
    Spring - 25-421330

Kakopetria 671m

Hellas * * * 22-922450
Makris * * * 22-922419
Ekali * * * 22-922501
Linos Inn GH 22-923161
    Mylos * *  
    Krystal * 22-922433
    Minaides * 22-922421
    Rialto * 22-922438

Pedoulas 1067m

The Churchill
   Pinewood Valley
*** 22-952211
    Health Habitat ** 22-952283
* 22-953337
    Jack's * 22-952350

In addition to the hotels at Troodos, Platres, Kakopetria and Pedoulas, there are several more hotels located around the Troodos area, mostly at Prodhromos, Kalopanayiotis, and Agros villages.

Other neighboring locations

 Village Houses (Omodhos village)
 The Marjay Inn (Spilia village 1100 m)
 Rodon (Agros village)

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